Stemologica and Beautemer

The Stemologica system contains everything you need to hide the passing of time and roll back your skin to a younger-looking you. It comes in three separate Stemologicacomponents that work together to smooth out the wrinkles and give you healthier, younger looking skin with a radiant glow that will fill you with confidence every day. The Stemologica effect is based on the remarkable new stem cell technology that you’ve probably heard so much about. The stem cells that Stemologica utilises to fight the signs of ageing are extracted for a rare variety of apple tree grown in the alpine regions of Switzerland. This Uttwiler Spaetlauber fruit contains astonishing amounts of naturally occurring stem cells that boost your own skin’s stem cell levels, promoting rapid repair of damaged skin and retarding the progression of age-related cellular degradation.

These remarkably effective skin-repairing cells are present in high levels in the three components of Stemologica’s anti-ageing system.

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Firstly, there’s the Stemologica Moisturising Day Cream that boosts your skin’s overall health and provides a solid, healthy foundation for the rest of the anti-wrinkle products to do their thing. By boosting your skin’s moisture levels throughout the day, Stemologica protects your skin from any further damage which would speed up the effects of ageing. A skin with higher moisture levels is also more susceptible to the healing and smoothing effects of the other two products in the Stemologica system.

Next is the Stemologica Smoothing Eye Gel which improves the elasticity of your skin, preventing new wrinkles from getting established, and actually working to reverse the visible wrinkles which have already appeared. The Stemologica gel also works on the subdermal cells around the eyes, actively smoothing the fine lines from within and helping to reclaim the supple, youthful skin that you thought was gone for good – yes, Stemologica can begin to bring it back.

Finally, the Stemologica Nourishing Night Cream works while you sleep, promoting cellular regeneration and improving the skins natural balances which can all to easily become out of step in today’s world of stress and pollution.

This unique to Stemologica combination of creams work together to provide remarkably effective results, but the story doesn’t stop there – if you combine the already significant potency of Stemologica with it’s companion product Beautemer you’ll see the results blossom out of all proportion.

About Beautemer

At first glance Beautemer is a very similar product to Stemologica. It follows the same three step idea of an active anti-wrinkle gel that increases skin suppleness and elasticity, combined with a powerful moisturiser that improves skin health from the lowest dermal layer to the highest, plus a night time nourishing creambeautemer that boosts the cellular regeneration that happens naturally as you sleep.

Beautemer also contains the same revolutionary stem cell components obtained from Green Swiss apples, that can boost your own body’s stem cell utilisation by an amazing 80%. So why should you consider Beautemer if it’s so similar to Stemologica?

The reason is that Beautemer contains extra ingredients that work together with those in Stemologica, and together they out perform both each other and any other anti-ageing skin serum we’ve come across.

Ingredients of Stemologica

The principal active ingredient in Stemologica is a stem cell extraction from the Uttwiler Spaetlauber variety of apple tree. This genus of green apple is too sour for modern eating tastes and was on the verge of extinction before a Swiss scientist observed a remarkable effect: the apples from these trees seemed to keep in storage for a much longer time than other apples, without showing any signs of degradation or spoiling. Upon further investigation, the scientists isolated a remarkably virile class of regenerative cells in the stalks and other pectinous parts of the apple. It was these very cells which caused the fruit to taste so sour, but also preserved them for so much longer than other varieties, and would one day end up in both Stemologica and Beautemer.

Years of painstaking work later, these active ingredients were able to be extracted reliably from the fruit, and when combined with other active agents in the laboratory it was found that they had a wonderful ability to stimulate the human body’s own natural skin stem cells into massively increased activity, dramatically increasing the elasticity of tired, dried out skin, and so reducing wrinkle formation and helping to smooth out the lines caused by premature ageing.

This finding became the foundation for the Stemologica range of anti-ageing serums and is ultimately responsible for the fantastic success observed when the product is used. The Stemologica effect is also backed up by the inclusion of natural minerals and black mud sourced from the Dead Sea, both of which have been shown to have positive effects on skin health.

Ingredients of Beautemer

Just like Stemologica, Beautemer also contains high levels of the stem cells that boost the body’s own defences against skin degeneration, but Beautemer also utilises other potent active ingredients that both enhance the stem cells’ effects and promote wider skin health resulting in a youthful glow.

Beautemer is rich in salts extracted from the Dead Sea in the Middle East. These salts are extremely high in natural minerals, and have long been established to have substantial health benefits for the skin. Beautemer’s minerals and salts are the same as those widely used in the treatment of skin disorders including eczema, acne and psoriasis, and work to provide a solid base of optimum skin health for the stem cell agents also present in Beautemer and Stemologica to work on.

Further, Beautemer contains efficacious plant extracts which contain potent anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are known to be key factors in the retardation of ageing in all the body’s soft tissues, the skin included. The copious amounts of anti-oxidants present in Beautemer disrupt the damaging effects of so-called free radicals, the dangerous atomic particles that are caused by ultra violet light and other natural radiation. While a healthy diet contains some anti-oxidants, Beautemer’s high levels of these compounds significantly reduce the ageing damage the free radicals cause.

The final unexpected ingredient of Beautemer is – wait for it – 24 carat gold flakes. This might be an ingredient not often seen in a skin cream, but scientific research has shown that many trace metals such as iron and zinc are essential to the body’s proper functioning, and when taken in a pure enough form, gold has the acknowledged ability to improve skin tone and lift sagging wrinkles. The 24 carat gold flakes added to the Beautemer formula combine with the salts and stem cells to have precisely this effect.

Despite the power of its ingredients and active agents, Beautemer has no known side effects uncovered by extensive testing and study before the product was released. Beautemer is made from purely natural ingredients and no contraindications have been found, but if you’ve suffered from skin complaints in the past it’s recommended that you consult a properly qualified dermatologist before commencing treatment with Beautemer.

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Who Should Buy Stemologica and Beautemer?

Both Stemologica and Beautemer work on similar principles, and while there is quite a lot of overlap between the two products, they work together to boost each other’s effects rather than getting in each other’s way. Both Beautemer and Stemologica contain the extremely effective and revolutionary Swiss apple stem cell agents which are so effective in smoothing out wrinkles and promoting optimum skin hydration and health, and both contain minerals and salts extracted from the Dead Sea, where the natural concentration of these substances is by far the highest to be found on the planet.

Where they do differ, the two products complement each other very well. The black mud contained in Stemologica interacts efficiently with the different composition of mineral elements contained in Beautemer, while the powerful plant extracts and unique inclusion of 24 carat gold in Beautemer provides the basis for Stemologica to weave its magic.

For this reason it’s widely recommended that both Beautemer and Stemologica be used simultaneously to see the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

The Combined Stemologica and Beautemer Test

If you’ve spent any length of time online, and have also been searching for a solution to the vexing problem of premature skin ageing, then you’re certain to have come across many dubious characters promising the earth when it comes to giving you the fresh youthful complexion you’re dreaming of. Unfortunately, these promises are rarely if ever delivered upon, and millions of people have had their fingers burned when buying so-called miracle creams and potions that turn out to be basically worthless.

This needn’t be a worry with Stemologica and Beautemer, as both products are available on a fully risk-free trial. Order your trial sample of both Stemologica and Beautemer and if you’re not thrilled with the results you can return the packaging within fourteen days with no questions asked – only the reasonable request that you pay for the shipping and handling costs of sending your free trial out to you. The manufacturers of Beautemer and Stemologica are confident you’ll be totally happy with your younger skin after even such a short trial, and you really do have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

IMPORTANT: The opportunity to take Stemologica and Beautemer for a trial is only available online and is strictly limited. Once the number of packages set aside for the trials have been sent out, the offer will close and you’ll have to pay the full retail price if you want to see the remarkable effects that combining the Stemologica and Beautemer anti-ageing skin serums can produce for you.

It’s Time to Experience The Stemologica and Beautemer Effects for Yourself

Is there anyone who wouldn’t welcome the chance to roll back the years and regain that healthy glow of youth once again? Or to attack those wrinkles and reclaim your smooth-skinned vitality? Maybe you’ve tried dozens of creams and potions before, but we guarantee that nothing you’ve tried has been as potent as the combination of Stemologica and Beautemer when used in parallel.

Other skin formulations come and go, but we’re confident that the dermatologist-recommended Beautemer and Stemologica combination will have better results than anything you’ve tried previously. And despite the valuable gold present in Beautemer you won’t find these products to be expensive wastes of time that leave you feeling you’ve been taken for a ride.

The miracle of stem cell therapy that’s been all over the news in recent years has only now been applied to the science of anti-ageing, and if you take the opportunity of the Stemologica / Beautemer risk-free trial you’ll be able to see for yourself what all the fuss has been about. Apply for your trial packs now and see what Beautemer and Stemologica can do for your skin, your youthfulness, and your confidence.

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