Neuro XR Brain Enhancement Supplement

Neuro XR is a cognitive enhancement supplement which can help to increase levels of concentration, memory, productivity, and creative thinking. The supplement is one of the first to receive approval by the FDA for its cognitive enhancing properties, and has received widespread acclaim among-st doctors in the years following its release. Referred to as the “Viagra for the brain,” Neuro XR comes in the form of small capsules–with two a day being the most common dosage amount and many regularly taking the supplement as part of their everyday health routine.

The Neuro XR supplement has steadily gained popularity after it was cited that [brain drug] was used as the inspirational fictional drug NZT-48 in the film “Limitless.” Since then many professionals, students, and aspiring businessmen have used the drug to help improve their energy levels while at work. Neuro XR allows users to function at their peak capacity—improving memory function, mood swings, creative problem solving, and cerebral health. Neuro XR is currently available to purchase exclusively online through the supplement’s website at around 50 USD a bottle.

For whom is it suitable?

Neuro XR is most effective for people between the ages of 18-35 due to properties in the supplement which affect the NRXN3 gene in the developing human brain. People in this age bracket tend to see the most notable change in their short-term memory capabilities. However, Neuro XR is not just for the young and ambitious. Those who have tried Neuro XR between the age of 45-60 have also felt the supplement’s results in relation to their long-term memory capabilities.

Neuro XR can also be used in tandem to treat some minor medical problems including depression, insomnia, and dementia. The supplement also works to regenerate cells in people recovering from alcoholism and other addictive substances. The most common reason people site for trying Neuro XR however is to increase their productivity and quality of work as Neuro XR fights against mental fatigue and plateauing. As such, this supplement is best suited for anyone looking to increase their energy reserves, memory, focus, and cognitive performance.

The benefits of Nero XR

There are many essential vitamins and amino acids present in the Neuro XR’s list of ingredients which help to create a cognitively enhanced “nootropic” effect. Neuro XR is made from all natural ingredients to ensure a safe, productive, and healthy experience. Among some of the most notable ingredients in Neuro XR are vitamin b12, caffeine, L-Glutamine, and folic acid which are noted for their ability to increase blood flow and overall mental faculties. One of the biggest effects this supplement has is to aid in the oxygenation of the cerebrum. This oxygenation leads to less mental strain and weakness, letting users keep their stamina and stay sharp throughout the day’s many demands.

The benefits of Neuro XR can be felt quickly, with users reporting increased levels of calm, clarity, and creativity. Overall, using this supplement can lead to increased work potential and focus, making you more energetic, positive minded, and intuitive. Neuro XR also works to increase levels of acetylcholine to keep you healthy and strong. There are currently no known side-effects of Neuro XR following clinical trials,

The Ingredients of Neuro XR

Vitamin B-12

This water-soluble vitamin works in a variety of capacities to improve the brain and nervous system. It is also an essential component of good health as it aids in the formulation of red blood cells and DNA synthesis. This vitamin is found naturally in substances such as in meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Daily allowances for the B-12 vitamin are 2.4 mcg.


One of the most wide-spread and long-used cognitive enhancing drugs, caffeine is a natural stimulant which affects the nervous system and found in many modern-day products. Some of these caffeine sources include chocolate syrup, energy drinks, diet pills, and pain-medications. However, most users receive their caffeine dose through a morning cup of coffee or a caffeine pill, which quickly acts to provide sharp vision, focus, and mental drive.


This amino acid helps to build muscle and protein metabolism and is one of the most common supplements. Taking L-Glutamine as part of a daily lifestyle is generally safe, performance enhancing, and widespread. This supplement can also be used to help treat a variety of diseases including digestive problems, HIV, depression, and even off-set side effects of chemotherapy treatments. It is recommended that users take no more than 40 mcg a day of L-Glutamine to prevent supplement dependence and to avoid potentially harmful side effects.

Folic acid

This B vitamin helps with metabolizing in the liver and the overall development of the body. Folic acid can be used to help patients with anemia or with bowel problems including colitis, kidney dialysis, and even liver disease. Natural sources of folic acid can be found in lentils, dried beans, dark colored vegetables, and citrus fruits. The recommended daily dose of folate is 400 mcg a day.

Ginkgo Biloba

This nutrient has its roots in ancient Chinese culture and medicine and is extracted from the native ginkgo biloba tree. Gingko can help to improve cognitive function by acting as an anti-oxidant and improving blood flow. The substance has also been used to help patients suffering from dementia and other memory-related diseases. Healthy adults can expect to take anywhere from 120 to 600 mcg a day to maximize ginkgo biloba’s effects. Doctors advise starting with a low dosage and slowly increasing according to your daily needs.

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