Alpha Brain

The combination of ingredients in the Alpha Brain pill, encourages the use of Alpha Braindifferent mechanisms to enhance overall brain performance and is one of the reasons why it is considered a great starter supplement for beginners. It has been stated that the drug increases the amount of oxygen in the brain, triggering the release of neurotransmitters and powerful brain chemicals. One of the most profound beliefs about the drug is that the effects of aging on the brain can be reversed. There are many brain enhancement supplements on the market, today, all promising to deliver fantastic results, however, very few if any of them actually work. Alpha Brain differs in that it actually is proven to deliver the promised results. This is mainly because each capsule contains all of the nootropics that the brain needs. It also contains it in large enough doses, to make a significant impact. As mentioned previously, This product is great for first time nootropic users. If you have already tried and are using other nootropics, the Alpha Brain is probably not the most suitable “smart drug” for you. If you have been using nootropics for a long time, you will also have the necessary knowledge to create your own stack, according to your specific needs. However, it will cost you time, effort and money to develop your own stack and in this case, you may want to continue or begin using the Alpha Brain capsules. It is recommended that Alpha Brain be taken everyday to cause a permanent increase in neurotransmitter levels and ultimately create a positive, long term effect on the production of new brains cells and also the preservation of existing ones.

Alpha Brain Effectiveness

The fast pace of life in the 21st century and the increased pressure from having to juggle work, parenthood and of course taking care of yourself in the midst of all this has lead people to go in search of all types of supplements. Perhaps the most sought after supplement is one that enhances your brain power, mood and encourages increased productivity, but without causing any harm to your mind and body. Alpha Brain is one such product that claims to do all of this and more. According to Onnit Labs, the creators of Alpha Brain, the ingredients used are all natural and therefore eliminate the risk of harmful effects. Alpha Brains effectiveness has of course been questioned by many. Aside from claiming to enhance brain activity, memory and mental alertness, it does also claim to enhance your mood and induce a good nights sleep. These capsules have been proven to enhance memory. Alpha Brain contains an ingredient called Acetylcholine, which is responsible for memory recall and also the formation of new memories. In addition to that, it contains another complimentary ingredient called Huperzine-A which prevents the breakdown of the acetylcholine. So these two nootrpics actually work together to help boost all aspects relating to your memory. It is also quite effective as a mood enhancer. Alpha Brain capsules contain an ingredient that encourages the development of Dopamine, which is basically a feel good hormone. So basically, the drug is definitely effective in relieving or eliminating the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. When it comes to sleep and lucid dreaming, Alpha Brain is extremely effective. The lucid dreaming is believed to be caused by the increased production of dopamine and the ability to remember your dreams with more clarity and comprehension comes as a result of the acetylcholine. The increase in dopamine also makes it easier for you to relax and fall into a relaxing sleep. The capsules contain other ingredients that are proven to protect the brain, as well. This ingredient also increases blood flow to the brain and opens up the blood vessels. The facts speak for itself. Alpha Brain capsules have been tried and tested by many people, who have all experienced positive results from continued usage. Not only do you experience enhanced brain power, increased focus and alertness and enhanced memory, you also end up with a feeling of well being and relaxation.

Alpha Brain Ingredients

There are quite a few ingredients used to make up the Alpha Brain capsule. But, unlike many other supplements, Alpha Brain contains these ingredients in large enough doses to deliver a significantly noticeable effect.
-Alpha GPC, contained in these capsules, is an excellent source of choline, which is a powerful substance responsible for some of the most crucial cognitive abilities the brain performs. The ingredient Huperzine A preserves the choline, which is responsible for improving or accelerating learning, memory and improving overall mental health and well being. Another ingredient derived from the Periwinkle plant, known as Vinpocetine is plays a vital role in increasing mental alertness, energy levels and helps clear away brain fog. Bacopa, which a herb like ingredient contained in the capsule which improves motor skills and reduces anxiety. Pterostilbene is one of the ingredients contained in this capsule that actually has no cognitive enhancing properties of benefits, but is in fact an anti-oxidant. It is priceless when it comes to preserving long term mental health. L-Tyrosine is another key ingredient in Alpha Brain capsules that enhances mental energy, memory and also boosts problem solving solving skills. Theanine is another amino acid included in this capsule in large quantities. It is responsible mainly relieving stress and enhancing memory. It is also a key ingredient in green tea. When taken in combination with caffeine, it acts as a stimulant. The AC-11 ingredient contained in the capsule has less nootropic benefits, but does act to repair damage done to DNA. It is believed to lead to greater physical activity, as well. The Vitamin B6 ingredient is a vitamin contained in the Alpha Brain capsule and is not a nootropic. It does however, contribute effectively to the health of many neurotransmitters in the brain. You can also never have too much vitamin b6 in your body. The Phosphatidylserine contained in these capsules actually make up a large volume of brain cell membranes. It is believed to improve mental and athletic performance and works as a stress reliever as well. As you can see, there are quite a few ingredients included in the Alpha Brain capsules. All of these ingredients work together to deliver the results that you get when taking the capsules. Each ingredient is necessary and compliments the other. The fact that the ingredients are included in such large doses, makes them extremely effective in delivering positive results.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Alpha Brain

  1. Alpha Brain is designed for people who want to get the best out of life, by getting the best out of everyday. The creators of Alpha Brain have recognised that there are an increasing number of people that live stressful lifestyles, have more things to do in the day than there are hours and simply don’t get enough quality sleep, to function optimally each day. This is where a nootropic like Alpha Brain is seen as priceless. This nootropic has been tested and proven to deliver positive results. Everyone needs a little help every now and again, and for many people Alpha Brain may just be that help that you need.
  2. Not only does it improve mental alertness, memory and relieves stress, it also has many positive effects on the body. It is known to enhance physical performance too. So if you are an athlete or simply someone who wants to keep physically fit and healthy, you should definitely consider taking Alpha Brain.
  3. If you have always wanted all the benefits of a supplement like Alpha Brain, but where weary of the side effects contained from artificial ingredients, you will be pleased to know that Alpha Brain contains only earth grown ingredients, so it is all natural. This is another deciding factor in whether to take a supplement or not.
  4. If you are a vegetarian, you will lack choline. Alpha Brain delivers this ingredient in large doses. This ingredient is highly effective in improving your cognitive functions. So if the idea of introducing meat into your diet, does not sound particularly appealing, try Alpha Brain capsules to deliver choline to your brain, in healthy doses.
  5. Another reason why you should purchase Alpha Brain from Onnit Labs, is that they provide a money back guarantee. Now, no retailer would offer just a guarantee if they where not confident that their product works. So the fact that you can buy it – try it – and then still return it for a full refund if you don’t get that “WOW” effect is more than enough reason to try it out.

Alpha Brain Test Results

Studies where done on 17 mentally healthy subjects. Prior to the studies beginning, these subjects underwent a series of neuron-psychological testing of their cognitive abilities. The studies did reveal that the overall compliance by subjects, during the trial was excellent. It also revealed that the treatment was well received. The group that was treated with the Alpha Brain product showed noticeable improvement in executive function as well as verbal memory. Due to the size of the group being tested, the results are not as conclusive as Onnit would prefer. A larger group is currently being prepared so that more conclusive results can be revealed. On the plus side, Alpha Brain as been certified as “Drug Free”, by the banned substances control group. Alpha Brain has also not yielded any negative results, either from clinical studies or personal experiences of people who have tried it. Most users have admitted that they noticed significant improvement in mental alertness, memory and concentration. They have also admitted to getting more sleep or a better quality of sleep after taking Alpha Brain capsules. Some people have also reported increased mental energy and alertness, even after long hours of traveling with very little sleep. Overall, the results made public by Alpha Brain users have all been positive, to say the least. Alpha Brain has proven to be one of the most competent nootropics on the market today and with the added assurance of Onnit’s money back guarantee, its not hard to see what all the hype is about. If you would like to improve the overall quality of your life, give Alpha Brain a try. Everyone needs some help in life, especially with all the demands being placed on the average working person in the 21st century and Alpha Brain, may just be the answer to your prayers.

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