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Biogenic XR was developed based on a formula which won a Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998. Scientistsbiogenic xr made the amazing discovery that the L-Arginine amino acid acted as a ‘magic bullet’ on the cardiovascular system. Biogenic XR takes advantage of this knowledge and is a unique muscle building formula that is designed to contain the best balance of ingredients. These will optimize your muscle building efficiency, boost your energy and prevent oxidative stress. This prevention of oxidative stress will give you natural pain relief which is also an aid to faster recovery. Biogenic XR also gives a boost to your focus and concentration. You will exercise more and in a more productive way. Biogenic XR is designed to push you beyond your personal best, giving you the strength and energy to train harder with no more effort than before. Biogenic XR also has the added benefit of allowing a faster recovery time from exercise, enabling you to efficiently develop your muscle and sexual strength.

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Biogenic XR Ingredients

The ingredients in Biogenic XR have been designed to boost your energy, increase your strength and stamina and aid muscle recovery, allowing you to exercise harder and for longer without damaging your muscles. Each ingredient starts to work the minute you start using Biogenic XR. Each of these ingredients is chosen because it helps you gain your muscle strength in different ways. The blend of ingredients in Biogenic XR includes L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Beta Alanine, Taurine, Caffeine and Magnesium. All of these are known to maximize muscle growth, increase energy, blood flow and oxygen delivery to organs and muscles. By expanding blood vessels, especially the arteries, Biogenic XR helps allow a greater supply of fresh nutrient-rich blood to muscles and organs. This lets you work harder for longer with quick and visible results. Best of all Biogenic XR contains no added carbohydrates, calories or sugar. What more could you ask of a muscle building supplement? You could ask that the ingredients in your supplement are safe. You can be sure that in Biogenic XR, they are.

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – This is an ingredient that helps your body to naturally release the human growth hormone. The human growth hormone is responsible for instructing your body to grow muscle. At the same time it relaxes your arteries, thus allowing a much greater volume of nutrients to pass from your blood into your muscles and organs when you are working out and exercising. This has the almost magical effect of building muscle quickly through the synthesis of protein. Using this ingredient Biogenic XR also gives you the strength and endurance to pump bigger weights for longer. L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is safely taken by many high class athletes to rapidly increase muscle performance.

Beta Alanine – Beta Alanine contains the essential building blocks of proteins that your body needs to build and repair muscle. It also creates Carnosine in the body which has a dramatic effect in increasing endurance by delaying muscular fatigue and reducing the demand of muscles for oxygen.

Taurine – Taurine is an essential organic acid necessary for your efficient cardiovascular function and the building of muscles. Its presence in Biogenic XR gives you a great leap in stamina by increasing the flow of blood to your muscles and increasing the rate of oxygen distribution around your body.

Caffeine – This has long been known as a metabolism booster. The Caffeine in Biogenic XR reduces the recovery time between your sets, thus increasing the efficiency of your workouts and allowing for greater performance. Caffeine also creates a boost of raw energy that will explosively increase your endurance. Caffeine also has the strong psychological effect of aiding your focus and concentration and relieving pain. All of which helps with motivation. More motivation will mean more time spent exercising, and exercising more beneficially.

Magnesium – This mineral helps you achieve a deeper sleep, giving your muscles the optimum situation for recovery and repair. Biogenic XR helps you get a good night’s sleep, which lets you face the next day and the gym again with renewed motivation and energy.

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The Effect of Biogenic XR

The effect of Biogenic XR on your body and performance is immediate. The minute you start using it, you will notice an increase in your strength, endurance and ability to work out harder than ever before. Your faster muscle recovery will lead to a faster muscle gain. All of this put together allows you to train more effectively as soon as you start using Biogenic XR. When you start to use Biogenic XR regularly, you will notice that you are effortlessly increasing your set loads and reps and you are training with more power, strength and explosive energy. On top of all that, you won’t wake up the next day feeling drained of energy or sore as the L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate in Biogenic XR will have bound with the ammonia in your body to cut down recovery time. The effect of Biogenic XR on the oxygenation of your muscles is short-lived. This has two benefits. When taken immediately before exercise Biogenic XR will ramp up your physical performance in the short term. The gains you make during this time at the gym, however, will be anything but short term. Every time you train you will build on your muscle gain. The second benefit is, that Biogenic XR does not hang around in your body or produce any nasty side effects. Happy users of Biogenic XR report that within just a week they are noticing a significant decrease in fat deposits in their body. Within three weeks they report on a noticeable increase in muscle bulk. By the end of the first month, users of Biogenic XR were happily able to increase their sets and reps considerably. The maximum weights they were using were also higher. Users of Biogenic XR can perform even harder and longer than before.

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Biogenic XR has been proven to add bulk to your body quickly, create strength and burn fat without harming your body in any way at all. Not only that, it only has to be taken once or twice before you start to feel the effects of Biogenic XR. You will actually feel it working as you exercise. Within 14 days most people who take Biogenic XR report a dramatic benefit to their performance as well as to their body. When taken in the recommended dosage, trials have shown that Biogenic XR quickly delivers a raft of benefits to your body. These include muscle gain, fat burning, an increase in energy and easier, beneficial sleep. Biogenic XR works to consolidate the efforts you put in at the gym by encouraging the synthesis of protein after your workout. The test results also show that Biogenic XR delivers a range of beneficial secondary benefits. One of these major benefits is a boost to your sex drive! It will also increase blood flow around your body, maintain your thyroid health, reduce the risk of blood clotting and strengthen your immune system. Dangerous free radicals that damage your health and have been linked to cancer will be eliminated from your system when you use Biogenic XR regularly. As an added plus it will also benefit your mental functions such as memory and alertness. Use Biogenic XR as part of a healthy lifestyle, alongside a sensible exercise program and diet and it can only have positive benefits which you will quickly notice. To sum up Biogenic XR combines improved endurance, of up to 10% more, with quick recovery times and no side effects. The speed at which it works and the difference you quickly see in your body give you the added impetus to carry on with your focused exercise program.

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